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Cheap Wireless Flash Triggers?

I'm looking for a cheap set of wireless flash triggers. There are lots of them in eBay, but does someone know any place in Istanbul or a turkish webstore where I could get a set?

Something like this would be perfect for me (link yo eBay):

Any hints are appreciated and sorry for my bad turkish

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osmanc (üye)
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Are u kidding?


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I'm dead serious. Why should I be kidding?

My PocketWizard is at home (stupid me) and there's no reason to buy another one. I've seen these babies at work many times and tested them myself also. Though they're cheap, they're working. That's what I call a good price-quality relation.


Tarih: 18 Aralık 2007, 17:35 - İp: 88.***.**1.111
antika (üye)
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If you are a Sony/Mınolta user you may buy

Minolta 3500xi at

and Mınolta 5400HS at

Both models are wıreless, any recent (10 years) Minolta SLR/DSLR or Sony DSLR may trigger them via built-in flash.

I know they are not as cheap as the trıggers you have been searchıng, but they are far superior. Their Canon/Nikon equivalents are twice expensive.

If you insist on triggers, please visit "Hayyam" in Sirkeci, the shops over there will provide you the stuff.


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mete007 (üye)
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Teşekkürler Antika..


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