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21 Şubat 2018, Çarşamba
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İshakpaşa Sarayı
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Midas Cıty - Eskişehir / İç Anadolu / Eskişehir

It!s 90 km from Eskişehir and next to Yazılıkaya village of the town Han. It was set up on a rocky platform in 3500 B.C. Having the sovercignty.Hittite had this country widened and they surrounded it with the wall of castle. The wall relevies which ware made with the styleunderstanding of the Hittite hand't ressited to the nature conditions,but some of them have still remained.This country which went into the sovercignty of Phrygia with its ares in 1200 B.C.developed and it became one of the most famous of that time.
In that period the castle was reinforced with the great wals.On the flatness of the platform big temple places and inhabitable places built having their bases been carved into the rock.
There were plain and road junction around the contry so its population increased a lot.Therefore Temples worship places monuments,extraordinery water tanks and snow resevoirs,roads were developed and the edges were adorned with rock releives .In order not to have water lack interior the sound castle walls ,the largest water reservoirs of the world were carved into the rock.
Yazılıkaya inherited its name from Midas monument,which is in the north-east of the country and faced to the east.Yazılıkaya monument stands on the east edga of the antigue Yazılıkaya city.It's the most important boulding of the city .The monument places ,which face towards east and take lights of morning and overlook Phrygian castles and the walley,was worked on a volcanic rock in the shape of the front face of a temple imitating wooden architecture .It's not a grave monument but an outdoor temple.
At the excavations made in front of the monument and at it's south ground worship places,came to light In this priods the Phyrygian were not only worshiping to mother Goddes but also accepting the sun being sacret The country then began to weak in 3000 B.C. After this repetitive and lasting wars,economic reasons draiganet water resevoirs ant the difficult of water assurance from springs caused peole to leave this country.The city was settled a bit during the Roman age but destroyed due to the rather relegious reasons .In the Byzantium's time it was damaged again.Finally at the and of the period of Ottoman today's Yazılıkaya village was established in the north of the city.
In Yazılıkaya having the attraction of travellers and being a popular place for tourists,the first archeoloqical excavation commenced in 1836 an got continued by French Archeoloqical Institue and Istanbul University until the end of World War 1.The front of the monument,which is accepted being the eight wonder of the world,was crafted with geometrical figures white the sides had different types of decoration at the top.It has alsoforehad various precautions have been realised so as to prevent Yazılıkaya.

Sender: Mehmet Benek

Yazıkaya Köyü/e... - Mehmet Benek
Yazıkaya Köyü/eskişehir
Yazılıkaya/eski... - Mehmet Benek
Yazılıkaya/eski... - Mehmet Benek
Yazılıkaya/eski... - Mehmet Benek
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